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General Links:

LOTRfanclub Scrapbook Links Page  - an extensive links page for the Tolkien fan.
GardenStew -- a very useful and friendly international gardening community.
HTML Colors
Lissa Explains it All -- one of the best basic html-learning sites out there.
Snopes Urban Legend Reference Pages
The Timelapse Gallery -- a gallery of short films, all of various things timelapsed. Quicktime required.

Music & Art

A Nice Cup of Tea and a Sit Down -- history and reviews on tea, cakes and biscuits for the Anglophile.
Christian Realists -- a community of authors, musicians and artists who believe in integrity in art.

Gilbert & Sullivan Archive -- very useful for those of us who love G & S -- move your mouse and click for a different color to make your own Pollack painting.
Mr. Picassohead -- release your inner child and your inner artist at the same time
Portsmouth Sinfonia at Miserable Melodies -- the classics as you've never heard them before.
The P.D.Q. Bach Website - The many faces of Peter Schickele.

Humor & Games
Homestar Runner -- the infamous talking marshmallow, Strongbad and their friends.
Invisible Mouse -- Can you get your invisible mouse through the maze?
The Mangler -- plug in the url of any html page and sit back to enjoy the fun.
Orisinal -- a wide array of fun, challenging games that are also gentle.
Pikipimp -- do bizarre things to your own uploaded pictures.
Princess Bride Chicken Jokes  - That bwessed awangement. An egg within a jicken...
ReverendFun -- bible humor in a series of comics for all.
Shakespearean Insulter -- Thou saucy swag-bellied knave, give it your best!
The Surrealist -- surreal humor and other odd things. Generate your own lame jokes and more

Cheese Poetry --- Literature and poetry about cheese. Really.
Glossary of Poetic Terms -- a nice, browsable glossary from Bob's Byway.
OEDILF - the Omnificent English Dictionary in Limerick Form, contribute to the effort.
Omniglot-- a guide to written languages.
The Poetry Foundation - browse for favorite poets, poem-a-day and other features.
The Poetry of Senex Caecilius -- explanations and examples of form and meter with a classical emphasis.
Shakespeare's Sonnets -- all the sonnets with commentary.
Spam Haiku -- lunchmeat poetry and links dedicated to that 'marvel, a shimmering...gobbling ooze.'
Tenth Muse Double-Dactyl Index -- more double-dactyls that you can shake a stick at.
Typing Guy -- an odd little look at random thoughts becoming fragmentary poetry. Strangely fun.
Vogon Poetry -- From Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy, write your own Vogon poetry or do worse.
Write Express -- an online rhyming dictionary for poetry and songwriting.

Languages & History
The American Classical League -- resources for Latin and Greek.
Babelfish -- translate to and from several languages. Very useful tool for quickly getting the gist of something.
Common Errors in English --- alot / a lot, toward / towards... an excellent site for writers. -- a humorous look at attempts toward English translation, with warning the results are sometimes offensive.
Timelines of History -- pick your decades from waaay back to now.  Great overall timeline resource.
Today in Church History -- at, choose any date for notable events and people.
The Translators Home Companion --- a resource for translators, extensive links for multilingual glossaries, translation engines, etc.
The Virtual Translator -- a link to a set of extensive useful links for anything dealing with translation.

Other Literature and Writing Links:

Blakeney Manor -- Complete e-texts for the entire Scarlet Pimpernel series by Baroness Orczy
Book-a-Minute Bedtime Stories -- ultracondensed classic tales.
Bulwer-Lytton -- the famous yearly contest for bad writers.. it was a dark and stormy night....
Figures of Speech --- who would have known there were so many!
FreeBookNotes --- great resource for bedtime stories for kids and more.
Great Books Reading List --- Excellent listing of the Great Books of Western literature, for those aspiring to be truly well-read.
How to Set Up Your Manuscript -- for those aspiring for publication.
Librivox -- extensive free library of public-domain audio books and recordings, or volunteer to be a voice yourself.
LuLu -- publish your own poems or tales in paperback or hardback.
NaNoWriMo -- forums for National Novel Writing Month
Project Gutenberg -- a huge literary collection of ebooks.
Tarzan's Tripes Forever-- an active collection of shaggy dog tales and feghoots.
Watership Down -- photos of the real locations Adams described in his classic book.

Conrad Geller's Series on Poetic Forms:
The Ballad  

The Sonnet

The Triolet  

The Villanelle 

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